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The Body Series

Workshop Description:

In these Friday Afternoon Workshop Series we will work from the  somatic experience of our bodies. Through movement explorations that offer new anatomical knowledge, creative metaphores and hands-on feedback we will dive into a new experience in a playful and joyous way.

Workshop Themes:

4 oktober 2019: The Tonic System – How we orient in Space

15. november 2019: The Developmental Patterns

13 december 2019: Bony Landmarks


  • 3 fridays 110,- euro
  • 1 friday 45,- euro

Body Series

Summer Dance Retreat in Southern Spain

Workshop Description:

The Workshop:  Moving Our Selvees In this workshop we will work with our potential to move from an authentic resource. This year I will bring my fantastic collegue and friend  Joanna Brotman from New York City and we will teach together Moving Ourselves!

Moving Our Selves uses the Laban Bartenieff Movement System (LBMS) to identify how we live in the world, and how our movement choices hinder or support the changes we seek.  LBMS enables us to perceive, experience, and describe our own personal movement patterns. These patterns influence  how we negotiate boundaries and balance the needs of self and other.  

 Moving Our Selves  integrate theoretical and experiential aspects of the Laban Bartenieff Movement System. By developing mini-profiles of our own movement patterns, we will shine a light on the relationship between our inner selves and our outer worlds. We will creatively design ways to shift our own patterns to support meaningful and productive change in our personal, artistic, and professional lives.

We will explore the unique phrasing with which each of us organizes our movement – how the parts of our movement fit into the whole.

The attention will be on finding the connection between inner and outer connectivity. We will investigate our dance in relation to inner experience as we connect with nature and other dancers. This will include shared partner dances (Contact Improvisation), witnessing each other in authentic dances (Authentic Movement), verbal and moving inquiries. We will be investing in dancing in contact with the stunning surrounding of water, earth, mountains, stars, moon and sun. The workshop will be balanced in exertive and recuperative parts. The joy of moving, our authentic ways of dancing, contact with what is surrounding us and who is surrounding us will be important keystones in this work. They will shape the unique connections with our inner and outer landscape in dance. This workshop is open to people of all levels in dance.


The location Baile en el aire:

This dance retreat center is situated in the South of Spain in the Alpujarras, a good hour driving from Granada. It is a beautiful landscape with lots of waterfalls, amazing chestnut trees, endless sunshine and nights full of stars. The property has different little houses (fincas), all very specially furnished and painted. There is a big vegetable garden and an amazing swimming pool with a little island in the middle just ten meters from the dance floor. The water is natural and fresh and comes from the mountains! The dance floor is open air with a very good wooden floor and a shade roof. The shower and toilet facilities are simple but wonderful and all functioning on solar energy. The land is at 1500 m of heights, surrounded by the Sierra Nevada and open to the Mediterranean seaside. The place has different size rooms (1 to 3 people in one room) in different tiny houses. You can rest or take walks, and enjoy the waterfalls and the beautiful panoramic landscape. The food, vegetarian and delicious, is offered twice a day: breakfast and a large Mediterranean meal at 3 pm. In the late afternoons there is time to have a siesta, walk to the beautiful villages surrounding our center, or work independently on the dance space.

 For more info check the website: www.baileenelaire.es

Practical Information:

  •  Arrival 1st of August in the afternoon – Departure 8th of August after breakfast
  • 6 days of workshop 5 hours every day
  • Workshop:  375, – euro
  • Early bird till 28th of February 325 – euro
  • Loges & food 330, – euro (three delicious vegetarian meals a day and a single/double/shared sleeping place)

The Summer Dance Retreat in Southern Spain 

Introduction to Bartenieff Fundamentals



Workshop Description:

In this introductory BF course the focus is on the Body and somatic experience. Bartenieff Fundamentals consist of a set of principles and exercises developed by a student of Rudolf Laban, Irmgard Bartenieff. You will get to know some principles such as dynamic alignment, breath support, core support, graduated joint rotation, initiation, sequencing of movement and developmental movement patterns. All these principles support organic, conscious and embodied movement.Through simple experiential movement platforms the body will awaken attention and wisdom to its functional anatomy, sensory feedback and presence in space. You will develop your movement skills, delve into somatic experience and connect to your inner, intimate Self.


Practical Information:

6-7-8 March 2020

Fridays and Saturdays: 10.00 – 18.00

 Sundays:  9.00 – 16.00

zoEspaces, Elsässerstrasse 34, 4056 Basel

Kosten: CHF 550.-



Introduction to Bartenieff Fundamentals