Dance therapy

Dance therapy is an experiential and body-oriented form of therapy in which dance and movement are used to initiate a process of change.

When is dance therapy advisable?

  • if you want to investigate in personal development through movement and dance.
  • if you struggle with stress and burnout complaints.
  • if you experienced trauma 
  • if you deal with physical and psychosomatic disorders. 
  • if you experience imbalance in thinking, feeling and acting.  
  • if you have questions and blockades around intimacy.
  • if there are big changes in your life.
  • if you want to get in touch with creativity.
  • if you want to explore your future wishes and dreams.
  • if you want to exercise new patterns in life.
  • if you are dealing with grief.

What you can achieve with dance therapy:

  • Get more in touch with your body
  • Get aware of sensations and feelings 
  • Be more comfortable in your ‘skin’
  • Integrate words and movements
  • Create positive somatic experiences
  • Work through old patterns 
  • Receive tools to initiate changes 
  • Integrate experiences in a felt way
  • See more possibilities and use them 
  • Learn to shape your life actively 
  • Allow flow and creativity in your life
  • Embody your full potential
  • Be in  meaningful contact with others 
  • Set healthy bounderies


“What I enjoyed in the sessions with Katharina was that she is so experienced that you will immediately notice that she knows what she talks about.  She is versatile; there is room for the functional, the expressive and the psychosomatic aspect of movement – depending on the individual need. Katharina follows and listens well. Fortunately she does not give the answers and stays interested and involved. During explorations she takes clearly the leadership and that feels safe, because it is uncharted territory. She is very professional and despite the fact that the theme that you are busy with can be ‘heavy’ sometimes, the atmosphere is always relaxed. “





“I know Katharina as a creative, engaged and very sensitive dance therapist. She has the ability to follow the client and at the same time explore new ways of being in a playful, non-confronting manner. Her empathy, patience and professionalism make clients really feel safe. Katharina is intelligent and has an open, creative approach to dance therapy with excellent movement and verbal skills.

 Monique Leferink op Reinink, Psychotherpist



“I experienced Katharina as knowledgeable, empathetic, committed and energetic; as a therapist, coach and teacher she knows how to create space for personal and interpersonal issues.

She has an eye for the individual challenges, the parts within ourselves that are hidden but want to unfold and develop. She knows how to create space to discover and experience: to be able one’s full potential. “



There are three different pricing categories that depend on the income you have:

  • category 1 : income below 1.000 euro
  • category 2: income between 1.000 – 2.000 euro
  • category 3: income above 2.000,- euro

If you wish to have an introductory session the costs are 55,- euro.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions.


category 1 hour 1,5 hour 10 sessions
category 1 75,- 85,- 700,-
category 2 85,- 95,- 800,-
category 3 95,- 105,- 900,-


Katharina is member of NVDAT  and is commited to the code of conduct of NVDAT.

She has also a AGB Code. This can mean that, if you have a Dutch additional insurance, you have the possibility to receive compensation of (part of) the costs.

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