Katharina Conradi

Dance, Somatics, Therapy and Performance

About Katharina

I love to dance and I believe EveryBody can. I always come back to the body with it’s immediate feedback and genius wisdom. Dance is inviting flow and connection into my life and I feel passionate about  sharing this with you.

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Somatic Dance Classes, Body Series

Individual Dance Therapy

Somatic Movement Coaching

Summer Dance Retreat in Southern Spain 2022

A unique workshop in the beautiful nature of the Andalusia (South of Spain)..





Individual Sessions & Workshops

Individual Dance Therapy


Dance therapy is an experiential and body-oriented form of therapy in which dance and movement are used together with talking to initiate a process of change. 


Effective Somatic Coaching


When you are a performing artist, your body is your instrument; regardless of whether you are a musician, an actor, a politician, a teacher or a manager


Somatic Dance and Body Series

Bartenieff Fundamentals

Thursday 11.30 – 13.00

Friday Afternoon Workshops in Amsterdam

Each Workshop has it’s own somatic orientated theme

What others say:

Katharina’s coaching has been the most successful investment in my personal and professional development that I have ever made. She has successfully helped me in very different areas of my life from personal issues to work life challenges to how to develop an authentic dance style. She combines elements from different forms of dance therapy, somatic work, counseling and coaching and she understands to seamlessly apply any intervention as needed in the moment. 

Petra Hegenbart

Management Professional

What others say:

I reached out for help from Katharina after the sudden death of my father. Due to a jumble of circumstances, I did not get around to dealing with the grief and taking care of myself. As a result, I became overworked. From the very first moment I felt welcomed and heard by Katharina. She is empathic, intelligent and interested. Her questions and guidance inspire me to open myself up to what is going on inside me. Her actions are always in tune with what is important to me at that moment.

I have learned and experienced that feelings, no matter how big and overwhelming, come and go. The fact that in Katharina’s presence I returned to my father’s traumatic farewell, is one of my fondest experiences. From that moment on, besides the pain and sorrow of that memory, I also feel its beauty and love. That makes my life considerably easier and lighter.



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