Katharina Conradi

Dancer, Choreographer, Educater and Therapist

about me & where I come from

What I do:

I am educated as a Dancer/ Choreographer, Certified Movement Analyst , Master Dance Therapy and Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist. I have been working as a choreographer and dancer in the Netherlands and abroad for thirty years. My creative work includes dance movies, intercultural projects and site-specific performances. I am teaching dance at the University of the Arts Codarts in Rotterdam and at the Academy for Dance and Theatre in Amsterdam to physical actors, dancers, circus artists and dance therapists. I work internationally as a teacher for somatic and creative practice in different settings in Spain, Estonia, Israel, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and New York. I am offering individual dance therapy, effective movement coaching and somatic practice in my Studio in Amsterdam. Together with Marieke Delannoy I co-founded EMOVE Institute, an educational institute for Laban Bartenieff Movement Systems in the Netherlands.


What I believe in:

I believe that dance is something that EveryBody can do.  To me, dance ranges from taking a breath, moving one arm or perform a complex dance performance. Movement allows us to connect to our inner world, to understand that we are part of this world; part of the earth, part of gravity and part of everything and everybody that is alive and to interact and communicate from this embodied place. Our body has many stories to tell. I believe that the life story of a person is reflected in the body. Through dance and movement we can connect with our stories, get aware of our patterns and develop and change ourselves if we wish. 

Where I come from:

When I was a child, I often danced in my room. Without music or public, I would climb a chair; jump off and my “dance” would start. I had a huge and colorful inner world: my body wanted to dance, to sing and to jump; there was something that wanted to get out – or more accurately -needed to get out. I had difficulties in school to sit still, my feet didn’t like to be motionless, there was an urge for movement and expression. When I first entered a dance studio to take improvisational movement classes I was hooked to the feeling of expanding into space and finding freedom. It felt as if I could fly, time sustained and I felt present and alive. I like to remember this first spark for dance that I carry with me and like to share with others. 


EveryBody can dance

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