Teaching Dance

Release Flow Technique, Contact/Partnering, Creative Process, Laban Bartenieff Movement System

Release Flow Technique


Release Flow Technique is a movement practice that focuses on breathing, skeletal alignment, joint articulation, muscle relaxation and the use of gravity and momentum to facilitate efficient movement. Through dance combinations on the floor and through space we develop dynamic qualities in accordance to gravity and spatial pulls. Subtle contact with the ground, spatial awareness and personal expressivity will be practiced within given forms. 


Contact/Partnering is a dance technique in which points of physical contact with another dancer provide the starting point for exploration through movement improvisation. The basic technique of sharing weight, dancing with a shared central axis, seeking ease in going off balance, sliding, jumping, falling, catching and moving in and out of contact will be investigated. We will find the spontaneous acrobatic of the form as well as investigate making choreographic material.

Creative Process

Working with one’s own creativity in dance will awaken our full human potential to create and enact in the world. You will be led through movement explorations, creative writing and drawing to find your unique seed of inspiration at the moment. While going through the different phases of the creative process (initiation, incubation, illumination and varyfication) you will get in touch with what lives within you, where you might get blocked, a deeper understanding of what is important to you  and how you can share the fruits of your work with others.

Laban Bartenieff Movement System

Laban Bartenieff Movement System is a somatic and theoretical  study of all aspect of human movement. Like we can describe an object through its color, form and weight, we can describe and experience a movement through observing: which part of the body is moving? How is the energy, the shape and the space the movement takes up? Becoming more aware of movement patterns and possibilities helps the dancer to use the body in a more efficient and expressive way. Katharina is co-founder of EMOVE Institute which is an educational Institute offerning professinal education in Laban Bartenieff Movement System. Check out the website: www.emoveinstitute.com


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