Somatic Coaching

For musicians, actors, teachers, executives and leaders

What is Somatic Coaching?


When you have to perform in front of an Audience, regardless of whether you are a musician, an actor, a politician, a teacher, an athlete or a manager; your body is your instrument. The body – your instrument – is often not available in its full potential. The body can feel fragmented and your communication/performance skills may not be working effectively. Our professional potential is inseparably linked to the kinetic choices we constantly make, consciously and unconsciously. Our intentions are patterned in our habits. Thus a restriction or maladjustment may arise. Effective Movement Coaching helps to gain insight into how you are using your body in professional activities. With Effective Movement Coaching you will get concrete and practical tools to change your patterns and improve your skills. As a result, you might become more successful and happy in your profession. 


What can you achieve:

  • Attune your body to the task 
  • Improve physical expressivity 
  • Develop safe and supportive practice methods 
  • Improve communication skills 
  • Enjoy public speaking
  • Handle stress during auditions
  • Perform on the spot with  well-grounded body
  • Reduce physical injury 



In general Somatic Coaching is given individually in Studio Fresh Tracks in Amsterdam. It is also possible to give Individual Coachings or (Small) Group Workshops on a different location of your choice.



For Performing Artists


If you are a performance artist (musician, actor, dancer) you need to function and be well prepared for your audience. You need to be grounded, have a safe practice and open pathways to connect to your audience. The body is your instrument and can be trained in better attunement to the task you have. 

1 session 85,-

10 sessions 800, – 




Professionals in Leading


 If you lead a team, work together with others or educate students you need to be grounded, communicate clearly but inviting. You need good communication skills and  healthy boundaries and you need to have your body available to function well. Individual Coachings and Workshops that deal with leadership issues in an embodied way can be given in any format that fits your needs.

Formats need to be designed for these coachings.

For Students in Performance Arts


As a becoming Performance Artist you have to develop a set of competences next to your craft. Especially if you are a musician or a text actor the physical expressivity is often not developed enough.  If you need to work on more physical confidence,  expressivity, safe practice, concorring stagefright or in general work on embodiment, let’s work together

 1 session 75,-

10 sessions 700,- 








Testimonial of students & clients


Katharina is very sensitive, respectful, competent and knowledgeable and provides the right feedback at the right time to ensure that progress is made. I can truly recommend her to anybody who is looking to reconnect with his or her true self in order to become more successful and happy in life. Beyond that, she is a dancer and choreographer in her own right and I can equally recommend her to any dancer who is looking to reconnect with the person that is dancing in order to develop a unique authentic and enlivened style.”

 Petra Management Professional


“I had this gig two weeks ago with a big band. During the concert I felt like I was doing great. I observed my way of playing.  And I found out that I was standing very solidly on my feet, my back was totally straight, my breathing was very relaxed and therefore playing felt like a natural thing.”     


Chris Master student trumpet




“I found more ease in playing my instrument, especially because of being aware of the better support I can get from my legs, and the position of the head. It gives me the sensation of better power control over the instrument.” 

Master student violin


The excercises on being aware of my body in space and being conscious of my centre helped me to feel more present on stage and more connected to my collegues and audience. I also noticed I was happier to play, and somehow more awake when I was in this state of awareness to gravity and space. Also, when I took the time to do it in my own practice, I felt less stressed and more comfortable with time.”

Master student percussion