The New Year 2017

woensdag, 04 januari 2017
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Dear Dance Lovers and Colleagues,


I want to wish all of you a beautiful New Year with lot's of dancing, health and in balance with yourself and what surrounds you!


2016 has been a full and exciting year for me, with a lot of travelling and teaching abroad. My travel to Nepal was important on many levels and opened my eyes to a bigger world. The people there gave me insight to important qualities as simplicity, acceptance and gratitude. The nature in Nepal is overwhelming and has immense beauty, especially the Himalaya Mountains and the Jungle made a big impression on me. Hiking, meeting people in their homes and dancing shortly with kids there was very nourishing for me.


In 2016 I also published my first book together with Matina Sideri about what makes citizens feel at home in Amsterdam in my own old neighborhood. I enjoyed interviewing people from the area in their own homes. The book is beautifully designed by Matina Sideri. You can buy the book in different bookstores in Amsterdam for example at Islandbookstore (Westerstraat) or you can buy it on line: www.homeprojectbook. com


The New Year 2017 will bring more teaching and traveling. I have my ongoing work at the Academy of Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam and CODARTS in Rotterdam, but will also teach classes in Studio Seven and give workshops in Amsterdam and abroad. My Private Practice in Dancetherapy (Coaching, Therapy and Supervision) is also situated in the beautiful Studio Seven, you can contact me if you wish more information or check my website: www.katharinaconradi. com


For the people in Amsterdam:


DansFlow will be back on tuesdays evenings from the 24th of January in Studio Seven! I am attaching the flyer below. Note that this year the main focus will be on exploration. So less dance steps you need to learn and more you can create and experience yourselves through guided explorations.


In 2017 I will teach in different countries in Europe and also in New York. For now I would like to invite you to look at the Summer Dance Retreat in Southern Spain I will give this summer from 17-24 July. The dance and theatre center Baile En El Aire is my favorite location for giving workshop which I do now for twenty years there. The centre is situated in Andalusia, a good hour driving from Granada with amazing waterfalls, sunshine and great food. I will give a dance workshop based on Laban material called Laban in the air. I can warmly recommend you to take the opportunity to indulge in dance and nature there! There is an early bird reduction of 60,- euros till the end of February, don't be late! Also 10% of the money you are paying for the workshop will go directly to amazing projects in Nepal ( check out the website Please check out the flyer for more details. 


So, stay  warm, keep on dancing and I hope we will meet in the dance  studio, open air or with a roof, here or there,


Warmly Katharina