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donderdag, 18 januari 2018
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Happy, joyful, dancing 2018!

I wish you a beautiful and peaceful New Year filled with laughter and silence. May we be able to share the good and the challenging things in life, and dance a lot!

From the holidays to the winter feast for the soul

After the holiday season with lots of good time with family, snow,

food and wine, I feel the need to simplify and enjoy the winter stillness in my daily life. I will start the meditation circle “feast for the soul” again in mid January, where I will meditate 40 minutes daily for 40 days with many other people around the world. Although I am not a “good sitter” I have learned to enjoy this time with myself, and to find the discipline to commit to a new rhythm and stick with it. Through mediation I can become more intimate with myself and handle life challenges better. There are records of many meditation teachers from different traditions to guide you through, if you like a guided meditation. If you are interested, check out the link to the website.

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Little challenges

In the beginning of the winter I had a cold and was forced to stay in bed. It was very inconvenient because I had to teach a workshop, but then it is always inconvenient to be sick. I had no voice for a view days and suddenly my world became silent. I heard the sounds of people chatting outside, bringing kids to school, kids coming back from school, and then the evening noises. And I was in bed, listening, not able to take part, just lying in bed. I was thinking of how the elderly or sick must feel when they cannot participate in the world. That is a moment when we are just by ourselves, when we have to face that we will no longer be part of this world, and must let go of everything and anybody we love. Not easy. I decided to take my “few-days-in-bed” as a mini exercise in letting go...

The still point

I tried to let go of my resistance to what was obviously there. I tried to enjoy the silence. My sensations (sore throat, some temperature, cough attacks) slowed me down and there was really not much I wanted besides sleeping and drinking tea. It was challenging to accept the weakness of my body. I am usually blessed with a well-functioning body and when my body get’s sick, I feel panic. The question popped up: “What can I to do to feel better, to get well again?” The answer was: “Nothing, there is nothing to do besides let time go by.” Thinking about seriously encountering illness and death is threatening to me. Thoughts came and went. “Imagine if…” and then fill in any doomsday scenario. “Future attacks” as a good friend of mine calls them. Can I imagine the world without me in it? Dying is the most neglected truth. We do not want to know about our own mortality. We are just here for a little while. It is hard to really get it. But I have tools to deal with my panic. I can breathe, I can release my tension, I can adapt to the circumstances, I can trust in this bigger thing we call life. Life is out of my control. I can only move and flow with what is actually here. I returned to breathing and the next cough attack came in. Breathing in and breathing out. Through time I befriended the silence. I found some comfort in this state and I started to enjoy my mini-exercise of letting go.

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In this coming year I will encounter some changes. Our beautiful Studio 7 will close its doors at the end of June due to the city’s plans to host a secondary school there. After a phase of disbelief and tears I am entering now a phase of acceptance.  I love this Studio. It has been my dancing home for many years. It gave me so much ground to develop, to rest, to create and to build. I am very grateful for this place. I decided to spend these 6 months dancing in this space as much as I can. I will dance with other dancers, with the floor, the walls, the air, with the sunlight coming through the high windows. I will cherish my long history dancing and working in this place. If you live in Amsterdam, come in to take part in a class, a workshop, or plan a rehearsal, and let’s enjoy this beautiful location for the next few months!


News: Laban education in the Netherlands

When doors close, others will open and one dream of mine will become reality. Together with an amazing team of tutors I will start to build a Laban Movement Education in the Netherlands.  The start of the education is planned in June 2019 and I will keep you posted on all details.

Body Workshops – Friday afternoons in Studio 7

As part of my studio project I will teach three new Body workshops on Friday afternoons workshops in Studio 7.

9th of March: Body in Space – Kinespheric approaches to dance

30th of March: Liquids and Fluids – Our fluid body systems as source

20th of April: Just dancing – improvisational techniques and composition

 Please check out the details here:  


Summer Dance Retreat in Southern Spain 

I will teach another Summer Dance Retreat in Southern Spain from 13-21 July 2018. The dance and theatre center Baile En El Aire is my favourite location to give a retreat workshop, which I have done now for more than twenty years. The centre is situated in Andalusia, a good hour driving from Granada, with amazing waterfalls, sunshine and great food. I will give a dance workshop based on Laban material called Laban in the air 2 – Body-Mapping and Crystalline Dancing. I can warmly recommend you to take the opportunity to indulge in dance and nature there! There is an early bird reduction of 60, - euros till the end of February, don't miss it! Also 10% of the money you are paying for the workshop will go directly to projects in Nepal ( Please check out the flyer for more details.


I am wishing you an enjoyable winter season and hope to see you again soon.