End of Summer 2017

Monday, 04 September 2017
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Today I walked through the Dutch dunes toward the seaside. The dunes are a very beautiful and well-kept part of nature. In every season I enjoy walking through the small paths, the trees bent over by the wind, the hidden places, the lakes with many birds, and always find some herb or fruit to pick. It is quiet here and it invites me to think.

The end of the summer holiday is for me a time to look back and to look forward, an alternative New Year period, where I evaluate what happened throughout the school year and get new ideas for the coming period.


Looking back


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‘Moving Ourselves’ was on tour this year: Joanna Brotman and I taught “Readiness and Sustainability in Times of Rapid Change” in May in New York City, we presented at the conference ‘Moving from Within- Dance Therapy and Laban Analyses’ in Munich in June, and taught a weekend intensive in July in Amsterdam. It was great to introduce this body of work, which we have been developing during the last three years, to such a large and diverse group of people. Here some words of participants:

Katharina and Joanna create a safe space in which I can allow myself to see my patterns and explore other possibilities. Their approach is non-judgmental: there is no talk of right or wrong. My movement-patterns serve me, but I can get stuck in them.


Joanna and Katharina help to relate the exploration of  ‘pure’ movements to the way I move in my daily life. They help me focus on my sensations, ask for the feelings and associations they provoke, invite me to draw the images thereof. In this way they make me realise that my ‘pure’ movements can be seen as embodied metaphors for the way I relate to myself, others and the world.


At the end of this beautiful weekend we moved and danced as a group. In this way we could experience how our interventions were working out in relationships. While I was dancing I sensed that, instead of losing my sense of self, the effort weight and my coral distal connectivity helped me to keep my sense of self, in relationship with the other.


We will keep you updated on new workshops to come. Let us know if you would like us to offer a Moving Our Selves workshop in your area next summer. Meanwhile if you would like to read more, here is a link to our interview about Moving Our Selves in the book of the Munich conference.


I started to teach Introductory Laban and Bartenieff workshops at the Academy of Remscheid in Germany. These two one-week courses are officially accredited as the pre-training that you need to start the Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies. It is also possible to enjoy the workshops without further study wishes.

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The summer dance retreat in Southern Spain has been fantastic. A large group of dancers from different countries participated and we had an awesome summer time together. Baile en el Aire is a very beautiful place hidden in the mountains close to Granada. There are many waterfalls, a swimming pool, and amazing chestnut trees.  The open dance floor, the kind staff and the beautiful nature invites us to enjoy life a lot. I will offer a new summer dance retreat at Baile en el Aire in July 2018. The exact dates will be announced soon.

Looking forward


Though it is still full on summer, I feel autumn coming. The days start to get shorter, leaves start to silently change their colour and we have an abundance of ripe vegetables, fruits and nuts. Autumn is my favourite season, I love the golden autumn sun, walking through misty fields and watching the birds preparing for their travel to Africa. I love the early chilly mornings biking through Amsterdam with another layer of wool on to keep myself warm. In Autumn I feel the need to nourish myself with good warm food, dance, good books and, of course, new projects.


One of my personal projects this year has nothing to do with dancing. I am looking for ways to decrease my personal production of waste. This book is my inspiration:

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With some basic rules this book is giving clear guidance for ways to produce less waste.






It sounds simple but it really takes discipline to change my habits: to refuse the plastic cup for a coffee in the train, to look for cucumbers that are not packed in plastic, to look for shops and markets where I can buy food that is not packed. Luckily it is also fun to get better at it. Of course my compost litter where I can put all my organic waste helps a lot to reduce my waste. And I find out that I actually need less than I think. So if I got you inspired, read the book! It is so important to change our relationship to what we throw away.


Autumn Work

I will teach Release Technique, Contact Improvisation and Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies at the Academy of Dance and Theatre in Amsterdam (in the Mime and Actors Departments).  I will teach Laban Movement Analyses and Creative Process to the dance therapy Master students at CODARTS in Rotterdam, and participate in a pilot for body awareness for classical musicians there.

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Apart from that I will offer three mini-workshops on Friday afternoon in Studio7 in Amsterdam.

22 September 14.30 - 18.00

The spine is made to fly – working with three-dimensional movement in Space

20 October 14.30 – 18.00

My body speaks – creative writing and dancing

8 December 2017 14.30 – 18.00

Two parts of a whole – working with dualities in movement

These workshops will open creative ways for movement from a personal resource. We will work with exercises, exploration, and sometimes create phrases. The workshops can be taken separately and cost 45 euro’s. If you take all three of them you will get all three for 115 euro’s. You can email me to register and to get more details:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I hope you will all enjoy the coming season and we will meet here or there.