The environment always plays an important role in Katharina’s work.
She finds it challenging to create a dance in an existing landscape and to watch the interaction between them develop. It is therefore no coincidence that she likes to work outside the theatre walls. She is intrigued by the contrast in settings of a vulnerable body in rough nature or a landscape solely consisting of concrete. This strong contrast intensifies their individual characteristics.


In Duets two dancers have a relationship with a wall. They can lean onto the wall and they can take off from the wall. The wall gives them possibilities and limitations. The dancers look for support and balance. In the end they support each other and the wall is no longer necessary. The back wall of an old red stone fabric building in Amsterdam at sunset is the atmosphere in which this performance takes place.

  • Choreography: Katharina Conradi
  • Dance: Esther Hinz, Kristiina Backman