Making dance performances for children and youngsters

started at a time that Katharina often took her daughter to children's and youth performances. She was asked if she would be interested in making performances for this target group. In the season of 2001/2002 the contact with the Lab/ Berenkuil was laid during the Marathon, professional dance for a children's audience. Her work had been well received due to artistic choices and a strong physically focused work, which connected well with the young audience. This first collaboration with the Lab/Berenkuil was the performance Nu!. It played eight times during the annual youth theatre festival Tweetakt in June 2002. A new collaboration followed for a full production in collaboration with the Lab: Kom dichter… This performance played in the Krakeling, for Tweetakt and at different schools throughout the Netherlands. In 2005 she teamed up with Sharon Varekamp for the opening performance for Tweetakt G.E:H/E?I,M! with children of two primary schools: De Fakkel and Dr. Bosschool in Utrecht. This was her first production with children as performers. In 2008, her concept for a performance about courage, Leeuwenhart, was awarded by Jonge Klei. In 2010 Leeuwenhart could be realized with a grant from the city of Amsterdam. The premiere took place in the Krakeling in Amsterdam and then played throughout the Netherlands.


The heart starts to beat faster; the blood runs through the veins, the mind is focused.
And then comes the moment of now – I will do it, now! The decisive moment. How do you experience this moment in the body? Is it liberating or frightening? Or both? Courage gives the power not to be scared of living, of talking and moving in the way you know you should to become who you want to be.

  • Directed by: Katharina Conradi
  • Performers: Ties van den Broek,
    Ana Diadorim Rocha de Cunto Lemos, Flint Louis Hignett, Luc Hoogland-Kalff, Thijs Hoogland-Kalff, Cleo Julia Mullis, Balou Rietveld, Anna Vos, Maud Vos
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In commission of Tweetakt/Theaterwerk NL

A group of children standing in front of the audience. They have a secret. They show a lot, but not everything. They do not show everything about themselves, from the inside or from outside. They are together, but also alone.

  • Directed by: Katharina Conradi & Sharon Varekamp
  • Performance: kids from Basisschool De Fakkel en Dr. Bosschool te Utrecht
  • Production: Tweetakt/Theaterwerk NL