The Snow and The Maiden


The first idea of creating
a dance film rose when she wanted to create a dance solo at an altitude of 3000 meters in the Swiss mountains. To bring audience up there is a rather logistic complicated task. Film allows bringing the people to the location you wish, switching between different perspectives and locations and directing the eye of the spectators more specifically.

A red dot in infinite white. A woman alone in the snow. She sinks into the snow up to her knees, inexorably. White virginal, cold. All the colors in one.

The white environment at 3000 meters is in lead together with the dancer in this film. The vulnerable body of a woman is in sharp contrast with the powerful, cold environment. A surrealistic image. The snow is not an easy partner – at one moment the woman nests in the snow as if it were a blanket, in the next moment she falls and comes into speed: like a red ball she rolls off the mountain, just to start climbing back up again. When she gets to the top, we can see more of the breathtaking panorama. Her movements become delayed and seem weightless: she seems to glide like a bird of prey in the air.

  • Choreography and direction: Katharina Conradi
  • Performance: Danielle van de Ven
  • Film directing and camera: Josje van Erkel



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