Black Butterflies 

Black Butterflies (Zwarte Vlinders) is a collaboration between a flamenco dancer and a physical performer. Two women are performing a ritual about death and mourning; expecting death, mourning the dead and overcoming grief. One rhythm introduces you into the next, while breathing becomes louder and different sounds become words. This universal theme is interpreted in an unexpected and fascinating way.

  • Choreography and directing: Katharina Conradi
  • Performance: Sarah Ringoet, Nuria Manglano
  • Lyrics: Cante Jondo van F. Garcia Lorca

In Trans The duets by Katharina Conradi were a success. I got tickles of excitement with the duet between flamenco dancer, Nuria Manglano, and actress Sarah Ringoet (Zwarte Vlinders). When Ringoet was beautifully reciting her poems Manglano did her fiery flamenco dance. The stamping of her feet is loud and hollow on the wood floor of the small room in the machinegebouw. The combination of the poem and the rough room made me think of the poems of schip doctor/poet Slauerhoff who wrote a lot about lost loves in uncomforting harbors. Sometimes the text coincided with the dance-'the mourning song of death of the guitar/to try and shut it up is useless-'. Sometimes the poems formed a passionate atmosphere for the dance. At the end, Manglano looked like she was literally 'in trans' when she closed her eyes in one position stamping her feet out of control.
From: Dans Magazine, a dance magazine in The Netherlands