The environment always plays an important role in Katharina’s work.
She finds it challenging to create a dance in an existing landscape and to watch the interaction between them develop. It is therefore no coincidence that she likes to work outside the theatre walls. She is intrigued by the contrast in settings of a vulnerable body in rough nature or a landscape solely consisting of concrete. This strong contrast intensifies their individual characteristics.


A dance and theatre performance with different performers on location:
the old grain silo in Amsterdam. Reflections is concerned with investigations into the spirit of the information society. Individualism seems to have reached its peak. The artists, while creating a performance for Reflections, go looking for the effects of this phenomenon. The impressive location gives an atmosphere of desolation and decay of the industrial age.

With: Karin Stefani, Marc Nukoop, Claire Fleury, Dennis Meyne, Fabian Chyle, Katharina Conradi, Donnald Fleming, Krishna Lee Hanks, Caroline Hailnaut, Eva Sandberger