The environment always plays an important role in Katharina’s work.
She finds it challenging to create a dance in an existing landscape and to watch the interaction between them develop. It is therefore no coincidence that she likes to work outside the theatre walls. She is intrigued by the contrast in settings of a vulnerable body in rough nature or a landscape solely consisting of concrete. This strong contrast intensifies their individual characteristics.


A dance and theatre performance with different performers on location:
the old grain silo in Amsterdam. Reflections is concerned with investigations into the spirit of the information society. Individualism seems to have reached its peak. The artists, while creating a performance for Reflections, go looking for the effects of this phenomenon. The impressive location gives an atmosphere of desolation and decay of the industrial age.

With: Karin Stefani, Marc Nukoop, Claire Fleury, Dennis Meyne, Fabian Chyle, Katharina Conradi, Donnald Fleming, Krishna Lee Hanks, Caroline Hailnaut, Eva Sandberger


 Twisted doors

 A solo about fury – sexual, oedipal, magical and brutal; about the terrifying animal in us with its exalted, transcendent, self-destructive untrammeled and creative strength. The specific use of timing, space and strong theatrical images distinguishes this solo. A special dancer gives this solo a stubborn and dynamic character.

  • Choreography: Katharina Conradi
  • Dance: Mirte Courtens
  • Advice: Annelies Herfst


Black Butterflies 

Black Butterflies (Zwarte Vlinders) is a collaboration between a flamenco dancer and a physical performer. Two women are performing a ritual about death and mourning; expecting death, mourning the dead and overcoming grief. One rhythm introduces you into the next, while breathing becomes louder and different sounds become words. This universal theme is interpreted in an unexpected and fascinating way.

  • Choreography and directing: Katharina Conradi
  • Performance: Sarah Ringoet, Nuria Manglano
  • Lyrics: Cante Jondo van F. Garcia Lorca

In Trans The duets by Katharina Conradi were a success. I got tickles of excitement with the duet between flamenco dancer, Nuria Manglano, and actress Sarah Ringoet (Zwarte Vlinders). When Ringoet was beautifully reciting her poems Manglano did her fiery flamenco dance. The stamping of her feet is loud and hollow on the wood floor of the small room in the machinegebouw. The combination of the poem and the rough room made me think of the poems of schip doctor/poet Slauerhoff who wrote a lot about lost loves in uncomforting harbors. Sometimes the text coincided with the dance-'the mourning song of death of the guitar/to try and shut it up is useless-'. Sometimes the poems formed a passionate atmosphere for the dance. At the end, Manglano looked like she was literally 'in trans' when she closed her eyes in one position stamping her feet out of control.
From: Dans Magazine, a dance magazine in The Netherlands



Making dance performances for children and youngsters

started at a time that Katharina often took her daughter to children's and youth performances. She was asked if she would be interested in making performances for this target group. In the season of 2001/2002 the contact with the Lab/ Berenkuil was laid during the Marathon, professional dance for a children's audience. Her work had been well received due to artistic choices and a strong physically focused work, which connected well with the young audience. This first collaboration with the Lab/Berenkuil was the performance Nu!. It played eight times during the annual youth theatre festival Tweetakt in June 2002. A new collaboration followed for a full production in collaboration with the Lab: Kom dichter… This performance played in the Krakeling, for Tweetakt and at different schools throughout the Netherlands. In 2005 she teamed up with Sharon Varekamp for the opening performance for Tweetakt G.E:H/E?I,M! with children of two primary schools: De Fakkel and Dr. Bosschool in Utrecht. This was her first production with children as performers. In 2008, her concept for a performance about courage, Leeuwenhart, was awarded by Jonge Klei. In 2010 Leeuwenhart could be realized with a grant from the city of Amsterdam. The premiere took place in the Krakeling in Amsterdam and then played throughout the Netherlands.

Kom dichter…

If you are different, you feel left out; you're weird
and don't fit in.
 Kom dichter…(Come Closer…) shows what happens if everything is turned around and nothing is normal. A girl who is good at playing the drums, two boys who become intimate with each other. The rhythm of the drummer excites them, supports them and triggers them. A dance performance with feminine and masculine aspects that go out of control.

  • Choreography: Katharina Conradi
  • Dance: Mirte Courtens, Uri Evgy, Markus Schnitzer
  • Drums: Clara de Mik
  • Dramaturgy: Sarah Ringoet




The first idea of creating
a dance film rose when she wanted to create a dance solo at an altitude of 3000 meters in the Swiss mountains. To bring audience up there is a rather logistic complicated task. Film allows bringing the people to the location you wish, switching between different perspectives and locations and directing the eye of the spectators more specifically.

 If you engage in travel, you will arrive. ~ Ibn Arabi (1165-1240)

HORIZON is a short dance film about the impulsive search of a woman for the horizon that is no longer visible in the city. A confrontation between body and modern urban architecture.

HORIZON focuses on a dancer who uses her surroundings in a search for parts of herself. Amsterdam’s urban environment provides a counterbalance. Katharina’s fascination springs forth from a longing for far sight that so often is absent within urban environment. The horizon is a metaphor for space and openness that seems to get lost in our conditioned, efficiency-minded city life. The horizon is also a typical Dutch theme. Just as the tops of the mountains exude a feeling of freedom, in the Netherlands the broad horizon brings about a longing for this very same feeling.

  • Choreography and directing: Katharina Conradi
  • Editing and directing: Sergio Gridelli
  • Performance: Marieke Dermul

With a fresh perspective on the role of urban space, HORIZON by Katharina Conradi & Sergio Gridelli means the break of the routine, in search for the skyline and balance. The essential functional role of space is reimagined through the protagonist’s playful acrobatics, which enfolds her ignoring the suspicious eyes of the surrounding robotic world. The desperate and disoriented search of the young woman culminates with the discovery of a wall blocking her way, raising questions about the effect of urban space on personal freedom. Although treated with humor, the film tackles a serious subject, namely that the horizon remains only a concept in a society obsessed with ascending.
Bucharest International Experimental Filmfestival over HORIZON in December 2014 

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